Company Profile

Our company, CHIYODA INTEGRE OF AMERICA (SAN DIEGO), INC.(CHIYODA INTEGRE AMERICA) is a California corporation, incorporated on November 1, 1995.

We are a wholly owned and controlled U.S. subsidiary of Chiyoda Integre Group, headed by CHIYODA INTEGRE CO., LTD. (“CHIYODA INTEGRE JAPAN”), a Japanese corporation located in Japan and established in 1940’s. CHIYODA INTEGRE AMERICA was established to engage in the import, sales and distribution of our organization’s component products, such as gaskets, filters, shields, insulators, etc., used in electronic, automotive, electrical, medical and other equipment. Our main customers are major worldwide manufacturers such as Foxconn, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Pioneer, among many others.

Our products are manufactured by our Mexican subsidiary, Chiyoda Integre de Baja California, S.A. de C.V. (“CHIYODA INTEGRE BAJA”) in Tijuana, which were established to produce and manufacture our organization’s products according to the advanced research and design technologies developed by our global expertise design team.

As the United States is one of the largest markets for our products, our company plays an extremely important role in our international organization’s business. The global competition for the development and manufacture of advanced and reliable electronic, automotive and medical components continues to grow.



Company Information

Company Name: Chiyoda Integre of America (San Diego), Inc.

9335 Airway rd suite 106,San Diego, CA 92154 USA

Ph.: 619-420 8383             Fax: 619-420 8397

Driving directions:


From I-5 N:

1.Starting from I-5 N take exit towards CA905E.

2.Continue on Otay Mesa rd and right towards La Media rd

3.Take the first left onto Airway rd

Arriving at 9335 Airway, destination is on your right side


From I-805 N:

  1. 1.     Starting from I-805 N take exit towards CA905E
  2. 2.     Continue to Otay Mesa rd and turn right towards La Media rd
  3. 3.     Take the first left onto Airway rd

Arriving at 9335 Airway rd, destination is on your right side

Area of the building (m2)
Area of the building(ft)


129 m2
1,392 Ft

Chiyoda Integre de Baja California S. A. de C. V.


Av. Universidad 2550, Parque Ind. Internacional Tijuana
Tijuana Baja California Mexico, C.P. 22390

Ph. : 52 (664) 623 1800             Fax : 52 (664) 623 8499

Driving directions:


From Otay Border:

1.Starting from Otay International Border.

2.Turn right at Blvd. Industrial.

3.Turn left at Via de La Juventud Oriente.

4.Take the Blvd. Del Tecnológico exit.

5.Turn right at Blvd. Las Lomas.

6.Take the roundabout until Blvd. De las Brisas.

7.Turn left at Corporativa St.

Incorporated: May 1996
Paid-up-Capital: US$ 3,100,000.00
Head Office: Chiyoda Integre Co. Ltd
Address: 4-5 Akashi-Cho Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104, Japan

Tel : 033542-3410          Fax : 03-3541-3554


Area of the building(m2)
Area of the building(ft)
Mr. Takao Yamashita

5,209 m2
56,206 Ft
León Guanajuato Office: Chiyoda Integre de Baja California S. A. de C. V.
  Prol. Blvd. Campestre #2509-203 
Col. Campestre El Refugio 
Leon GTO, Mexico 37156



Company's History

Chiyoda Integre as first founded as a felt cloth processing manufacturer in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, in 1955. Right around the turn of the century when Japanese economy began to expand, we became the leader in the market by offering die-cutting products to the various industries. “Our technology of processing soft materials in any form” started to shine since then. Later in 1978 when we established our first oversea office/factory in Singapore, we have been extending its technology all over the world.

History Milestones

1955 CHIYODA FELT CO., LTD founded in Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Capital of ¥ 10M)
1966 Osaka office established in Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka.
1967 Tokyo factory established in Soka, Saitama.
1974 Toyohashi office established in Toyohashi, Aichi.
1975 CHIYODA FELT CO., LTD and JAPAN FELT INDUSTRY LTD. Incorporated SUN FELT CO., LTD as a joint venture.
1977 Toyohashi factory established in Toyohashi, Aichi.
1978 CHIYODA FELT CO., (S)PTE.LTD. incorporated in Singapore.
1985 The new corporate headquarters building completed and the headquarters relocated to Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
1987 CHIYODA FELT CO., *M(SDN.BHD incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1988 The corporate name changed to CHIYODA INTEGRE CO., LTD.
1990 CHIYODA FELT CO.,(PENANG)SDN.BHD. incorporated in Penang Malaysia.
1990 CHIYODA INTEGRE CO., (JOHOR)SDN.BHD. incorporated in Johor Baharu, Malaysia.
1990 Osaka factory established in Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka.
1991 Listed on the counter stock market.
1992 CHIYODA INTEGRE building completed in Soka, Saitama.
1993 CHIYODA INTEGRE (HONG KONG) CO., LTD. Established in Hong Kong.
1994 CHIYODA INTEGRE (DALIAN) CO., LTD. Incorporated in Dalian China.
1994 CHIYODA INTEGRE (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. Incorporated in Shenzhen, China.
1994 CHIYODA INTEGRE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Incorporated in Thailand.
1996 CHIYODA INTEGRE OF AMERICA (SAN DIEGO) INC. incorporated in San Diego, United States.
1996 CHIYODA INTEGRE DE BAJA CALIFORNIA, S.A. DE C.V. incorporated in Mexico.
1996 Toyohashi branch and factory building completed in Toyohashi, Aichi.
1997 CHIYODA INTEGRE (ZHONG SHAN) CO., LTD. Incorporated in Zhongshan, China.
1997 CHIYODA INTEGRE INDONESIA incorporated in Indonesia.
1997 CHIYODA INTEGRE PHILIPPINES, INC. incorporated in the Philippines.
1999 Acquisition of all stocks of associated company SUN FELT CO., LTD.
1999 CHIYODA INTEGRE DE TAMAULIPAS, S.A. DE C.V. incorporated in Mexico
2001 Listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2001 CHIYODA INTEGRE (SUZHOU) CO., LTD. Incorporated in Suzhou, China.
2002 The new building completed in Osaka, Osaka factory and Osaka branch relocated.
2002 Listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2003 CHIYODA INTEGRE (DONGGUAN) CO., LTD. Incorporated in Dong Guan, China.
2003 CHIYODA INTEGRE (VIETNAM) CO., LTD. Incorporated in Vietnam.
2003 CHIYODA INTEGRE (TIANJIN) CO., LTD. Incorporated in Tianjin, China.
CHIYODA INTEGRE SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. incorporated in Slovakia.
CHIYODA INTEGRE (SHANDONG) CO. LTD. established in Shandong, China.
CHIYODA INTEGRE GUANGZHOU CO. LTD. established in Guanzhou, China.
Sun Felt Co., Ltd. merge with Felt House Co., LTD..
Taipei representative office established in Taipei, Taiwan.
Korea Branch established in Korea.



Our Mission & Vision

Our social mission consists of the following:

1. Promote public welfare and global prosperity.
2. Ensure decent benefits of all stakeholders.
3. Contribute to the cultivation of our employees’ personal quality and stability & improvement in employees’ lifestyle.
4. Pursue in environmental conservation and preserve global environment for the next generation.